A world where the love of freedom, memes, cryptocurrency and bread unites us.
About us

"Modern cryptans are divided into two categories: those who love bread and those who adore it. This is about us, and maybe about you."

We are here to make bread great.
A unique, hand-drawn collection of 888 NFTs based on The Open Network blockchain.
Bread can be addictive and FOMO!
Why is our bread the best
Token supply
938 886 888 887 $BRAD
271 755 911 680 $BRAD (28.94%)
How to buy
Create a wallet
Download the Tonkeeper Wallet for free from the App Store or Google Play. Desktop users download the Chrome extension by going to the website mytonwallet.io
Get some $TON
You need to have a $TON on your wallet to exchange them for $BRAD. If you don't have $TON, then you can buy them directly in your wallet, transfer them from another wallet, or buy them on another exchange and send them to your wallet. Where to buy $TON, see here ton.org/buy-toncoin .
Go to DeDust.io
Go to De Dust.io in Chrome or in the browser inside the Tonkeeper app. Connect your wallet and confirm the connection.
Go to the SWAP section. To exchange, you need to put $TON in the top row and $BRAD in the bottom row. Specify the amount of $TON you want to exchange and click SWAP.
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$BRAD is a meme coin that has no official roadmap and is intended for entertainment purposes.

Based on TON
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